Wednesday, May 14, 2014

) Ammonium sulfate ( NH4 ) 2 SO4 or often called ZA

2 ) Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium ( NPK )3 ) Urea4 ) ASN nitrate or ammonium sulfate
1 . Terms grow

Agen Casino OnlineThe location is good for planting corn grow better qualified . For example, soil fertility , environmental temperature , sun exposure , as well as the high places .
2 . Availability of transportation infrastructureThe availability of means of transport to facilitate the transport of the harvest , transportation costs and prevent prnurunan corn quality before marketing .
3 . Destination marketingLocation planting corn should not be far from where marketing . The goal is to prevent any deterioration of corn and save transportation , including freight costs by labor .
4 . Availability of laborLabor is necessary, starting from the planting , maintenance and harvesting and processing of crops, so get a good yield and quality , and not a decline in the quality of the corn .
B. Seed CornProvision of seeds or factor that is important in the activity early and planting corn . As a first step in planting corn , the selection of seeds is usually implemented so that we can obtain high production yields as well .
The characteristics that must be considered in choosing a good corn seeds are as follows :
1 . Cobs of corn plants taken from a healthy parent , and have a strong parent .2 . Old corn cobs are large, long and slende
Agen Judi Onliner .3 . Klobot meeting of the tip to the base of the leaves of corn .4 . Seeds lie in straight rows5 . Cobs have a lot ranbut6 . Cobs been dried in the sun to dry

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