Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nutrient content of feed has perfect

Nutrient content of feed has perfect• Feed containing complete nutrient levels of a balanced , easily digested and absorbed by the body very quickly shrimp and generate rapid growthb .
Feed has perfect appeal to the pet shrimp .

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• In terms of shrimp appetite and eating habits can make shrimp grow rapidly and at Besac .
Feed able bring the hard shells• Feed containing Kalcium amount sufficient to produce skin that is hard and resistant to the outside environment , so it can lead to severe shrimp will quickly rised .
Not easy to damage the quality of the feed water• Food that is good to have the shape , size , high durability / decay, so that the water quality remains guaranteed , and the bottom of the pool remains in good condition , are two things that are important to achieving quality shrimp growthe .
Quality Stable Feed• Feed has a very low water content , easily stored , not easily damaged / moldy or not easily decompose , so that the nutrient content of the feed remained stable .Quick least shrimp molting process depending on the needs of Ca ( calcium ) and P ( phosphorus ) . In order lobster molting takes place
Pulau Tidungquickly and smoothly then in the food consumed should contain enough calcium and phosphorus . In addition it must be a healthy body condition shrimp , because molting process requires a lot of energy , so that the water conditions should also support . inadequate nutrition and environment and balanced environment in waters strongly support the smooth process of molting . Here Pond Organic Nusantara ( TON ) is helpful for making the atmosphere .

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