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how to recognize when a person's character

But remember, do not use this trick to commit a crime, so if you just want to know so it does not matter apa.Setelah admin try to find ideas by reading a variety of articles and books. Admin interested in something, namely how to read or know the character of the characters themselves. It is not just knowing, but helps us in communicating, Script Iklan Baris  understanding, and understanding towards someone. On the other hand we know the character mdengan that is in us, we can motivate yourself to get better, make it easier to increase our potential. Seta support the future of your business processes, such as business, etc.. Read entry
How do I hold a discussion is good and right? that members listen to discussion mengikutti sriuss and can be heard clearly

And how to recognize when a person's character or a forum to discuss the
1: a discussion that is good and there are some who listen to talk (alternating)
2: prioritize my intellect ... not arbitrarily
3: respect differences of opinion and equipped with data which is not valid ... kira2
4: focus on the problem (theme) not widened kemana2

How to know a person's nature is very easy for you fahami.perhatikan theory in bawah.tapi remember .. this applies if you've heard these people talk or you talk to him


you must have never met people like this, for example, he spoke blazing flames and kept talking without giving the other person to speak, and we are just as pendengar.ketika our turn to speak, he just does not want mendengarkan.nah the nature and character of this type of person is:

Jual Script Iklan When someone radiant aura is black, could mean the person is enveloped by the Divine Hiddenness, because this character is sometimes open and sometimes closed. The black color could be interpreted mempunyaisifat is not good, deceitful means to have bad intentions towards another oaring meets. If the black color combination with the red color, the person who does not have the nature of good and evil.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goldfish is a freshwater fish that is an important economic

Goldfish is a freshwater fish that is an important economic value and has become widespread in the country Indonesia . In Indonesia carp this country began in maintained at around the 1920's . Carp found in Indonesia is a country that bersal goldfish and brought from China , Europe , and Japan Tailan . Aside from the common carp and goldfish Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online TerpercayaPunten Majalaya were selected in Indonesia . To date there have been 10 carp which can be identified based on morphological characteristics .

Goldfish is a freshwater fish species that has long been cultivated domesticated with less good in this world . In china country farmers have been cultivating carp about 4000 years ago , while in Europe several hundred years ago yng . A number of varieties of goldfish have plenty dansubvaretas cultivated in Southeast Asia as well as the consumption of fish ornamental fish .
Based on genetic diversity , goldfish has a distinctive because many strains / races . This is caused because :
1 . Spread of origin elapsed areas ranging from china to europe kedaratan , and very spacious with varying environmental conditions and geographical isolation .
2 . High adaptability to the environment .
3 . Akumulasimutasi .
4 . Selection naturally and by human works ( Hulata 1995) high adaptability also cause a goldfish can live in lowland ecosystems to high ground , ( Up to a height of 1,800 m above sea level ) the impact of diversity Strain Scales shape , body shape and color . Some strains have been known in the homeland Indonesia are: Majalaya , Punten , Sinyonya , Domas , Red / Cangkringan , Kumpai , and the others . ( Hardjamulia 1995) .
Maintenance effort carp currently growing in our homeland Indonesia and also in developing countries oainya . With enlargement in technology intensive temukanya in KJA Or ( Karamba Floating Net ) Also KAD or ( Water Swimming Deras ) In such case needs more seed - rising Rising . Well here I intentionally share your technique for the production of carp .
Goldfish Production Techniques Agen Poker Domino Online Indonesia Judi Uang Asli

1 . preparations pool
Preparation pond for tilapia spawning activities include peneplokan / tidying pematng , order no leaking dike . Flatten the bottom of the pool with a slope leading to kemalir , Cleaning kobakan tub , Closing the door with plastic gutter expenditure , income and Installation saringandi door filling the pond with water . Installation of the filter means to prevent the entry of other wild fish as predators or competitors that could affect the quantity of seed production and kualiatas generated .
2 . hatchery
A. Maintenance and Parent Selection
Parent kept in a special pool separately between males and females . Feed that is given in the form of pellets with 25 % protein content . Dose feeding as much as 3 % per weight of biomass per day . The feed is given 3 times a day . And female fish in the selection can have on pijahkan after 1.5 to 2 years old . with a weight of 2 kg . While the parent 8 -month -old male Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia

s with a weight of 0.5 kg . To distinguish males and females can be done by massaging the abdomen towards the tail of the fish , if there is white discharge from the genital orifice , then the IKN are males . Well here below 4 Traits pijah female fish prepared in a simple thing .

Goldfish is a type of freshwater fish that can be used for a variety of ventures

Goldfish is a type of freshwater fish that can be used for a variety of ventures . In addition to culinary business , goldfish are also very nice to dbudidayakan . Goldfish have a high taste to many consumers preferred . Fast growth rate is one of the hallmarks of this fish , that they deserve to be cultured. This time, Mina Surya will discuss about the AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  of goldfish .
black carp consumption measurement
( Photo : wikipedia )
Goldfish have some reference that is kancra , tikeu , tombro king , Rayo , ameh or other names according to the region of propagation . Goldfish ( Cyorinus carpio , L. ) is a species of freshwater fish including species in the family Cyprinidae , sub Cyprinoidea ordo , Ostariophysi Ordo Teleostrei sub class . Goldfish have long dibudidayakandan terdomestikasi well in the world. Among the types of freshwater fish goldfish is the most popular fish in the community. Also known by the name of goldfish , this fish is known as the name of the carp fish or fish tombro . Now in many races known intersection between the other goldfish Goldfish Red, The Mistress, Taiwan , Majalaya , glass , and other Kumpai .Terms Budi Daya Goldfish
In its natural environment goldfish live in the waters of a river, lake or other water stagnation which is at an altitude of 600m above sea level , 150 , with a water temperature range of 20 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Goldfish including Omnnivora animals or eating everything up in the form of natural foods Goldfish foliage , moss , insects , worms and others. In cultured goldfish model made ​​to resemble natural environment preservation original.
Model cultured goldfish can be kept in floating net 's bag , heavy water pools , ponds , concrete ponds and other locations subject to availability . Food in cultured carp also vary from grant to grant natural feed pellets fabric . What is important is the quality of water in the media for the cultivation of carp as water pH should be in the range of 7-8 , adequate dissolved oxygen content and free from harmful chemicals .Goldfish expansion efforts

SARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAGoldfish expansion efforts made ​​to meet the needs of consumption demand goldfish , carp consumption will vary from size 300 grams to 1 kg . Business expansion can be made at Town Meeting , Keramba floating nets or Storm Water Pond ( CARD ) .
cultured carp expansionGoldfish expansion in net Keramba Float
Goldfish enlargement can be done in floating net keramba commonly installed in public waters . The choice of where to place nets in the waters would be greatly bolster a successful completion of the production process . Some characteristics of the right of other waters are moving water with the largest current , but not the strong current .

Net placement can be installed in line with the direction of the wind , the water body is large and spacious enough to be able to guarantee the stability of water quality, water depth can reach the minimal distance between the base of the net with 1.0 meters of water policy , water quality to support growth such as water temperature reaches 300C 270c , dissolved oxygen is less than 4.0 mg / l , and the brightness is less than 80 cm .
A floating nets Keramba unit must contain at least the bag nets and frame nets . Dimensions of unit net square shaped bag nets four dimensions 7 x 7 x 3 M3 or 6 x 6 x 3 M3 .
A floating nets Keramba unit consists of four sets of bags and a set consisting of two sections of the body ply pouch bag nets in the water 2.0 to 2.5 meters .
Net frame can be made ​​of metal or bamboo and cork form steerofoam or drum . Net bag material derived from polyethylene yarn .
Feeding frequency at least twice per day . While effective way to feeding Feeding Frame recommended use can be made from waring with a 2.0 mm mesh size of 1.0 square shaped four Dayak 2.0 m2. This tool is installed in the water body


bag nets at a depth of 30 to 50 cm from the surface of the water .
By spreading the seeds weighing 300 kg in 3 months will produce carp consumption of 1.5 to 2 tons.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conecte Shoots Nursery Duku

Duku ( Lansium domesticum corr ) es una fruta tropical , sin semillas y el favorito de muchos en la sociedad indonesia .Semillas Duku Perbanya
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 kkan para los agricultores se realiza mediante el uso de semillas de semillas. Este método tiene varios inconvenientes tales como , árboles frutales periodo ( 20-25 años de edad) de espera , y las plantas resultantes no son la misma calidad que la planta madre .Para superar este problema es mediante la propagación vegetativa , que dispara duku metodesambung . Conecte brotes es conectar los brotes de las plantas a partir de semillas ( portainjertos ) con entrantes procedentes de árboles padres que ya están en producción. Conecte brotes se asegurará la calidad de las semillas producidas es igual a la calidad de los padres que sirven como entrantes , excepto que este método puede reducir el período de espera de plantas frutales , donde la edad de 5-6 años en adelante plantas que ya están Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya en producción.Técnica de injerto brote Perbanyakkan duku vegetativo tiene una tasa de éxito ( porcentaje de la vida) que es superior a la técnica de injerto , ya que los árboles Duku tienen piel delgada y un montón de gominolas , por lo que tomar el okulasinya algo difícil ( fácil de romper los brotes ) , mientras que la técnica injertos Duku , plántulas cuyas raíces han producido menos robusto en comparación con los resultados del injerto de brotes de las plántulas .Conexión INGENIERÍA dispara DukuRequisitos de portainjertos :

Rizoma diámetro mida al menos 1 cm
No atacados por plagas y enfermedades
crecimiento lush
Requisitos varilla de arriba :

Derivado de un árbol en que hay fruto con buena calidad de la fruta ( la forma del fruto es perfecto y el sabor dulce).
Resistente a las plagas y enfermedades
Equipos y materiales nec

Cuchillo afilado , para cortar y dividir el portainjerto
Cuerda de plástico para atar la conexión
Tapa (para cubrir los resultados de las yemas de injerto de estar expuesto a la luz solar directa y de la lluvia )
duku guardería
Figura 1 . Rizoma duku lista para ser conectada
Paso - paso de empalme

Prepare el patrón que es compatible con la conmutación realizada
La parte superior del rizoma se corta y las puntas abiertas en el ( 3 -5cm)
La punta del tallo se dispara (el mismo tamaño que el portainjerto ) Hacha sepanyang cortado en 5-10 cm , las hojas de la parte superior del tallo se puede desechar o se corta por la mitad para reducir la evaporación.
Varilla Piezas vástagos preparado se inserta en la parte inferior , atado con una cuerda de plástico.
Conexión cerrada con una bolsa de plástico , que van desde el extremo superior de la varilla para limitar la conexión con el vástago inferior y atar fuertemente .
Realizar el riego regular en el portainjerto raíces
Después de 2 semanas , lo hacen el examen, si la conexión está todavía fresca la conexión es exitosa , pero si falla la conexión de la marchitez .
Cuando los nuevos brotes crecen , la cubierta de plástico se puede abrir , y si la conexión es lo suficientemente fuerte ( aproximadamente 1-1,5 meses después de injerto ) conexiones de la correa puede ser apagado.
Además , el mantenimiento se
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014 realiza en forma de fertilizante 2 semanas 5-10 gramos por árbol , el riego de 2 días , la escarda , el control de plagas de una manera integrada .
Si polibagnya pequeña , que se sustituye con una bolsa de plástico de gran tamaño 30 x 25 cm

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Te whakautu ki ngā pātai e rave rahi i ngā kaipānui mō te ki te aha

Te whakautu ki ngā pātai e rave rahi i ngā kaipānui mō te ki te aha E A Paetukutuku Takiuru Whārangi 1 o Google . Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya runga i tenei take , ka arotake ia tatou i te take e peke e ui maha hoa i roto i te ao ipurangi hou . Te uiui nei ratou i te aha i te urunga paetukutuku page 1 o google 10 ranei i runga i te whārangi kotahi .
RATONGA Seo CHEAPRank Top 1 ki Google
He paku rawa māmā engari me te reira wheako me te mahi o te pūtaiao tawhito . No te mea me tenei ara ki te e mahi i roto i te - hohonu rangahau . Na te maha ka karanga i te ara ki te whakaoti i roto i te 1 google Seo Rapu Engine Arotautanga , i te arotaunga whārangi tukutuku i roto i engines rapu ranei .
Na te mea e ara me a koutou ki te ako ki te rangatira i te pūtaiao o Seo . He maha ngā huarahi ki te ako Seo , mai i te ako i google , ako i roto i ngā huinga , hoko kaiarahi MAORI Seo ranei akoranga Seo ki Seo mea whakaako ranei Seo Kaitohutohu . Ko te whakaaro e ahau i te mea māmā ko te utu me te taea e koe te pānui i Bisnis Investasi Online Sebagai Lowongan Kerja, Dan Peluang Usaha Murah  roto i te Huinga e te kōrero e pā ana ki Seo .
Otiia ki te tūhura i te pūtaiao o Seo e kore e ngāwari ki te pānui ka taea e matau kotahi koutou tersbut . No te mea e hinaaro ratou i te matauranga , me te rota o te tohutoro ki te e taea ki te rangatira i te pūtaiao o Seo .
Ki te mea ko koe te momo o te tangata ko wai e hoatu ake mahi i runga i te tohunga , e tauturu te reira te tīpako i a koutou te mahi / toa tuihono paetukutuku arotautanga ki te kaiwhakarato o Seo Services . No te mea i te aufauraa i ki te ratonga Seo e taea e koutou i roto i te paetukutuku 1 google runga rangatira , kahore he mahi koutou ake mama .
Tatou ki te kupu tohutohu e haere ana koe ki te whakamahi i te pai Seo Services Cheap Seo Services prioritizes ano whakarato ratonga Seo ngaio . No runga Ratonga Seo i Indonesia rawa nui , tetahi o e taea e koe te painga o Seo Services taea e tika whakapā i No ranei 085 702 377 299 .
Na , ki te hiahia koe ki te tino rangatira Seo i roto i kia tomo i te whārangi tuatahi ki runga ki google , koa ka ako i teie nei e koe i te taketake o Seo i roto i te tahi mau faahororaa rangitaki . Ranei i taea te pānui i te reira i roto i taua hui ā-ao i roto i Seo


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Si nos fijamos en Bill Gates o de Mark Zuckenberg Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia

Si nos fijamos en Bill Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia Gates o de Mark Zuckenberg , estarías tentado por su extraordinaria riqueza. Pero, ¿estás consciente de que ellos también comienzan todos sus pequeños negocios . Y ninguno de los que sospechan anotaría el éxito como lo es ahora.
Startups que se convirtió en una empresa de miles de millones vale la pena e incluso billones de éxito , no hay diferencia en el mundo de los negocios con los ganadores de la lotería. Pon todo tu dinero y la esperanza de obtener el premio mayor , que realmente se va hacia abajo.
Aquí hay 10 reglas para iniciar un pequeño negocio. Esta lista es más para darle a conocer el hecho de que existe , en lugar de perseguir locamente terdahsyat sus sueños en los negocios.
Más realista. Al crear un modelo de negocio , con tan sólo mirar alrededor y encontrar ejemplos de modelos de negocio de éxito que usted desea, y aprender. Si usted no puede encontrar , si usted es un genio increíble , o su modelo de negocio no tendrá éxito en el mundo real .
No invertir su propio dinero. Dado que la mayoría de negocios es un viaje arriesgado, buscar un socio . Así que , si todo no pasa todos los planes , usted no ir a la quiebra debido a la financiación de las start- ups antes , y no persiguió la deuda.
Esclavizarse . Si usted no está dispuesto a trabajar duro , las horas extraordinarias , olvidando su beneficio personal y de la salud , entonces el espíritu empresarial no es para usted. En un primer momento , definitivamente no será capaz de pagar al empleado , incluso si el empleado es barato. Por lo tanto, a sus empleados , es el suyo propio.
Apreciar el tiempo. Dar valor de su dinero a la vez, por ejemplo RP20 mil por hora . Esto le ayudará cuando usted tiene que tomar una decisión: En caso de imputación tienda Rp10 mil para la entrega de todas las semanas , y le lleva 2 horas para ir a la tienda en sí , se sigue pagando el franqueo de la empresa , porque es más barato . Se puede estar en contra de las reglas a 3, pero a pesar de que los esclavos también tienen valor económico.
Reclutar empleados también. Sin importar el tamaño de su negocio, es muy probable que contratar a los empleados desde el exterior. Por eso, hacer el proceso de contratación con cuidado, sin prisas, y tratarlo como importante al iniciar un negocio. Es lamentable que la actitud de los dueños de negocios que tienen una visión para su negocio, pero que en realidad dificultan el reclutamiento lograr esa visión.
Vender los beneficios , no el precio . Al JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA BANK LOKAL  iniciar un negocio, usted naturalmente frustrado memasarkannya.Tapi , si puede competir en precio, que finalmente lo vende al precio de un mediocre o incluso por debajo de la capital. Dominar las habilidades para comunicarse con los clientes, para explicar que el más alto es el precio de su producto , ya que tiene un mejor valor.
Conozca la tarifa básica. Saber cuánto dinero necesita para el manejo del negocio - que van desde tiendas de alquiler , la electricidad, el seguro de los empleados, con el precio de tinta de la impresora , el papel y los impuestos. Y para todos los que, con el número de días en un año que se abrirá , y ... eso es el tipo de base - la cantidad mínima de ingresos que usted necesita todos los días. Si usted no cree que nunca acerca de los números básicos , se equivoca.
Utilice la última tecnología. Las nuevas tecnologías , como las aplicaciones y datos con los penyimpaanan tecnología cloud muy baratos y hacer las pequeñas empresas pueden competir con las grandes empresas. Aproveche la tecnología de bajo costo en el mercado.
Tratar a los vendedores también. Trate a sus vendedores y proveedores como sea posible , al igual que usted trata a los clientes . Ellos sólo le puede dar un descuento en función del volumen de su reserva, o incluso con el fin de mantener una buena relación , y deseo que había un aumento de volumen en el futuro. Las buenas relaciones también pueden hacerles entender la demora en el pago, incluso ofrecer el envío libre .
Ser el mejor . Usted no debe tener las cosas a medio - setengah.Setiap que haces para que el cliente sea el yangterbaik . Hagas lo que hagas y vender , para ser el mejor . Hazlo de forma continua, y el poder del boca a boca se extienda. (Fuente: El Post / compartimiento de la pizarra de Washington )
Para ser duradera de trabajo Amigos Juntos
¿Cuál es su modelo de negocio ?
Disciplina, clave para el éxito empresarial
Conejos Inspiration negocio de la carne
De inicio de negocios claves del éxito para los principiantes
S5 para Emprendedores
MH Urbanathlon : más desafiante y activar la adrenalina , hacer más! ( )
Mercedes- Benz EE.UU. anuncia precios para el 2014 SLS AMG y C63 AMG Series Negro Edición 507 ( )
El jengibre picante , caliente y nutritiva ( )
Pan de cebolla Bloomin ' ( )
4 opción túnica ( )


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KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014Bener realmente estoy de acuerdo con esclavizar a ti mismo a trabajar duro , es necesario en la determinación inicial de hacer negocios , los negocios resultan ser préstamos mis tarros dri <a href = " micro - bolso - pundi.html "> micro crédito < / a> arcas bancariascitaEmpresario escrito en el 30 de noviembre 2013
Confiado y confiar su futuro será mejor lbih

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Í þessum leik , hefur þú tvo valkosti um hund sem þú vilt pairs of free classified ads without register

1 . hundur
Í þessum l
pairs of free classified ads without register  eik , hefur þú tvo valkosti um hund sem þú vilt . Fyrsti valkosturinn er hefðbundin diskling . annað
er ný hundur - eared . Sama hver þúvelja . Eini munurinn er útlit þeirra . Þú vilja fá a hundurþegar þú byrjar að spila leikinn .
meðferð :Hundurinn þinn er í raun ekki þurfa allir sérstaka meðferð . En ef þú viltauka ástúð , alltaf mat á disk af mat innihald . diskarer blár hlut við hliðina á hundur hús . Bara halda mat og ýtaX takkann framan á disk til að setja það inn Faðma þinn hundur(Holding og setja það aftur niður ) getur einnig hækkað ástúð sína .Eftir að hafa 10 hjörtu ( þú getur athugað eignir í dagbók þína ), þúgat hætt að borða vegna þess að það þarf engan mat á öllum. þaðmun ekki verða veikur eða finnst vanrækt . Aðallega vegna þess að það hefur ekki raunverulegMarkmið leiksins
þjálfun :Í þessum leik , þjálfun þinn hundur er í raun að gera neitt ekki , en ef þúvil samt að þjálfa , fara til þinn hundur , og ' lest ' ætti að verablikkar á þríhyrninginn hnappinn á helstu leiðarvísir þinn. svo stuttþríhyrningur hnappinn . Það mun undirbúa ' ham þjálfun . Stöðvast tíminn svoÞú getur þjálfa eins lengi og þú vilt . Það eru 4 leiðir til að þjálfa hundinn þinn .Bara stutt þríhyrning, ferningur, eða á X takkann og haltu honum niðri . þaðAðferð 4 er að snúa
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercayavinstri flaumi stafur.
2. . Cattle

Í þessum leik , verður þú að byrja með kýr . Takakura mun hafa einu allurtilbúin á lager . Það vilja vera a eðlilegur kýr . Sem er, er það konur semframleiða eðlilega mjólk .
Kýr Type :Nú , það eru 4 tegundir af kúm í þessum leik : eðlilegt , Brown ,Marmara , og Star . Hver tegund hefur tvö kyn, karl og konu. The karlmaður ersem vísað er til sem uxi og kvenkyns er kallað kýr . þú geturbara fá mjólk úr kúnni . Naut í leiknum aðeins að veita frjáls' Miracle Herb ' .
Verð Cow / Bulls :Eðlilegt Bull - 3000 GNormal Cow - 4000 GBrown Bull - 4000 GBrown Cow - 5000 GMarble Bull - 4000 GMarble Cow - Bull gstar 5000 - 6000 gstar kýr - 7000 G

mjólka :Eins og þú veist nú þegar , getur þú aðeins fá mjólk úr kúm (kvendýr) . fyrir mjólkkýr er hægt að nota hendurnar eða nota milker að mjólka . þúvilja fá sama magn af mjólk , sama hvernig þú gerir það . Hand-mjólka hraðar , en með því að nota milker notar minni orku . ég persónulegaeina hönd - kúamjólk mína vegna þess að það er fljótlegra og ég líkar ekki að bíðabara til að spara þol mitt .Kýr vilja gefa mjólk minna og neðri bekkjum í sumar. Vetur erbesti tími ársins til

  1. Tempat Daftar Taruhan Online Gratis
að fá mjólk úr kúnni .
Mjólk Verð :Eðlilegt mjólk B - 75gA eðlilegur mjólk - 115 g - > 138gEðlilegt mjólk S - 150g - > 180gMóðurmjólkina - 75 grömm
The Miracle Potion :Kýr vilja eini gefa mjólk fyrir 40 daga tímabil . Eftir það , þeir viljahlaupa ' þurr ' . Svo gegndreypa kýr Kraftaverk þín potion af góðumnaut frá borginni sjálfri eða nautinu eftir um 25 eða 30 daga . Cattlemun ekki fæða fyrr á tímabilinu 1-2 .Eftir kýrin fæðir kálf , kýr mun gefa brjóstamjólk til4 dagar. Gefa manni mjólk til kálfa með mjólk sýnir. eftir 4daginn , kýr mun gefa reglulega mjólk .
dribbling :Það eru tvær leiðir til að koma kýr þinn út í haga , og afturtil haga .Hefðbundinn hátt :Þú getur hvatt kýr þínum (og önnur dýr ) við hönd . Þú getur gert þettameð því að ýta í þá átt sem þú vilt að þeir fara og í gegnumhlöðu dyrnar .HVERNIG NEW TECHNOLOGY :Það eru tvær rauðar hnappa á lager þinn . Einn af þeim er í hlöðu þinn næstdyr sem leiða til the andlit af the hlöðu snýr húsið geymslu ,og hitt er utan hlöðu þinn , næsta húsileiðir til haga. Hnappinn í uppeldi kýr þinn ( og öðrumnaut aftur á lager . Ytri hnappar taka kýr þinn ( ogAnnar búfénaður utan) . Það er skilvirkari leið .
Fóður ( matur ) :Fóður er hægt að nálgast með því að áburðardreifing reiti og felldiþroskaður gras . Skera gras verður flutt á síló í þinnvörugeymsla . Silo er gat með silfur ramma í kringum hana . Silo erá vinstri vegg hlöðu. Til að fá fóður , einfaldlega standa fyrir framanfrá síló og ýta á X takkann þegar " fá út" blikkar í þinnHandbók hnappinn . Til að athuga hversu mikið heyi sem þú hefur, sjáFramed lak við hliðina á silo . Þegar " Stöðva" hnappinn blikkar í þinnfylgja, ýta á X takkann skera gras af grasi í venjulegtfóður . Önnur gerð af fóðri er gott fóður. Til að fá góða fóður , kaupaþað úr bókinni þinni (á geymslu h
KAISARBET.COM AGEN BOLA TERPERCAYA PIALA DUNIA 2014 úsi þínu ) fyrir 250g hvor. Gott fóðurnotað til að auka mjólk til 's' tign . Hins vegar getur þú kýrgefa mjólk Rank ' s' án góðum fóður eftir árstíð .Til at beita nautunum þínum (og önnur búfé ) , sem loðir við fóður og staðí kassa fæða þá að standa fyrir framan það og ýta Xhnappinn þegar " setja í " blikkandi á hnappinn leiðarvísir þinn.
Meðferð :Cattle mun þurfa fóðrun tvisvar á dag , einu sinni að morgni og einu sinni ínótt . Ástúð þeirra fyrir þig mun aukast ef þú bursta , tala, ogþeir hrokkinblaða . Tala er hægt að gera með því að standa fyrir framan eða aftan þáog ýttu á X takkann þegar "tala" hnappinn blikkar leiðbeina þér.Hjúfra sig er hægt að framkvæma með því að ýta á þríhyrning hnappinn þegar þúkýr standa fyrir framan þig og þegar hnappur blikkar í hjarta þínufararstjórn. Þú getur skilið kýr þinn úti á sólríkum degi og ef þú ertfrjóvgað hagi . Vertu viss um að koma með þá til baka ef það rignireða snjór . Einnig ekki gleyma að þvo kýr þegar þeir eru óhrein !Heilsa bar þeirra getur farið niður ef þú ekki þvo ekki. Þvo þá í kringá 5 daga . ( Til að þvo þá , ýta þeim til vatns kerranálægt hætta utan hlöðu. Grípa bursta þinn , og þú verðursjá orðið "þvo " glampi á þríhyrninginn hnappinn lykill fylgja þínu.Ýta á þríhyrning til , og þú ættir að vera fær um að þvo kýr þinn . )

Posted by Fahrie Kurniadi á - Einkunn : 4.5Title: Hvernig á að standa fyrir gæludýr At Harvestmoon A wonderfull Life SeLýsing: 1 . Hundur í þessum leik , hefur þú tvo valkosti um hund sem þú vilt . já ...
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