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Goldfish is a freshwater fish that is an important economic

Goldfish is a freshwater fish that is an important economic value and has become widespread in the country Indonesia . In Indonesia carp this country began in maintained at around the 1920's . Carp found in Indonesia is a country that bersal goldfish and brought from China , Europe , and Japan Tailan . Aside from the common carp and goldfish Bandar Terbesar Situs Togel Online TerpercayaPunten Majalaya were selected in Indonesia . To date there have been 10 carp which can be identified based on morphological characteristics .

Goldfish is a freshwater fish species that has long been cultivated domesticated with less good in this world . In china country farmers have been cultivating carp about 4000 years ago , while in Europe several hundred years ago yng . A number of varieties of goldfish have plenty dansubvaretas cultivated in Southeast Asia as well as the consumption of fish ornamental fish .
Based on genetic diversity , goldfish has a distinctive because many strains / races . This is caused because :
1 . Spread of origin elapsed areas ranging from china to europe kedaratan , and very spacious with varying environmental conditions and geographical isolation .
2 . High adaptability to the environment .
3 . Akumulasimutasi .
4 . Selection naturally and by human works ( Hulata 1995) high adaptability also cause a goldfish can live in lowland ecosystems to high ground , ( Up to a height of 1,800 m above sea level ) the impact of diversity Strain Scales shape , body shape and color . Some strains have been known in the homeland Indonesia are: Majalaya , Punten , Sinyonya , Domas , Red / Cangkringan , Kumpai , and the others . ( Hardjamulia 1995) .
Maintenance effort carp currently growing in our homeland Indonesia and also in developing countries oainya . With enlargement in technology intensive temukanya in KJA Or ( Karamba Floating Net ) Also KAD or ( Water Swimming Deras ) In such case needs more seed - rising Rising . Well here I intentionally share your technique for the production of carp .
Goldfish Production Techniques Agen Poker Domino Online Indonesia Judi Uang Asli

1 . preparations pool
Preparation pond for tilapia spawning activities include peneplokan / tidying pematng , order no leaking dike . Flatten the bottom of the pool with a slope leading to kemalir , Cleaning kobakan tub , Closing the door with plastic gutter expenditure , income and Installation saringandi door filling the pond with water . Installation of the filter means to prevent the entry of other wild fish as predators or competitors that could affect the quantity of seed production and kualiatas generated .
2 . hatchery
A. Maintenance and Parent Selection
Parent kept in a special pool separately between males and females . Feed that is given in the form of pellets with 25 % protein content . Dose feeding as much as 3 % per weight of biomass per day . The feed is given 3 times a day . And female fish in the selection can have on pijahkan after 1.5 to 2 years old . with a weight of 2 kg . While the parent 8 -month -old male Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia

s with a weight of 0.5 kg . To distinguish males and females can be done by massaging the abdomen towards the tail of the fish , if there is white discharge from the genital orifice , then the IKN are males . Well here below 4 Traits pijah female fish prepared in a simple thing .

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