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Coffee is the commodities most widely traded.

Coffee is the commodities most widely traded. Coffee cultivation centers in Latin America, Central America, Asia-Pacific and Africa. While the largest coffee consumer in the European countries and North America. Naturally, when this very actively traded commodities.
Coffee is a perennial plant that can reach a 20-year operational life. To begin the cultivation of coffee, choose a type of coffee plant carefully. Factors affecting the successful cultivation of coffee diantranya types of plants, cultivation techniques, post-harvest handling and marketing the final product.

Coffee plants are very many species, can reach thousands. However, grown only four species are the arabica, robusta, Liberika and excelsa. Each type has different properties. For more details please read to know the types of coffee cultivation.
Selecting plant species for cultivation of coffee, must be adapted to the place or location of the land. Location of land which is located at an altitude of over 800 meters above sea level suitable for growing Arabica. While the height of 400-800 meters of arable robusta. Coffee cultivation in lowland could consider the type Liberika or excelsa.
Aside from the technical side of farming, it is worth considering is the selling price of the final product. Arabica coffee tend to be valued higher than other types. However Robusta has the highest productivity, rendemennya too high.Preparing seed cultivation of coffee
After deciding the cultivation of coffee is a match, the next step is to find a superior seeds, prepare the area and shade trees. Information about seeds for cultivation of coffee can be asked to Coffee and Cocoa Research Center or store seeds reliable. Meanwhile, shade trees must be prepared at least 2 years prior to the cultivation of coffee implemented.
For cultivation of Arabica coffee plant sources used are varieties. Examples are varieties S 795, USDA 762, Kartika and Kartika-1-2. As for the cultivation of robusta coffee plant sources used dalah clones. For example, BP 42 or BP clone 358.
Propagation of the coffee tree seedlings can be obtained by generative and vegetative techniques. Generative Propagation from seed is usually used for the cultivation of arabica coffee, robusta coffee while the more frequent use of vegetative propagation by cuttings. Each seedling propagation methods have advantages and disadvantages of their own. More details please read the previous article about coffee seedling propagation by seed and seedling propagation by cuttings coffee.Land preparation and shade trees
Coffee cultivation can be done either in the highlands or low, depending on its type. In general, coffee requires loose soil rich in organic matter. To increase f
BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOTertility provide organic fertilizer and soil fertility in the surrounding area of ​​the plant. Arabica will grow well in acidic soil pH of 5 to 6.5, while robusta at pH 4.5-6.5 acidity.

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