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Good soil type as planting media for growth of rambutan is a sandy loam soil, fertilize, and a little sandy. Although rambutan actually can live in all types of soil, but the type of soil as described above, rambutan can provide optimal results.
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Average degree of acidity (pH) of the optimal soil for crop cultivation rambutan is between 6.67 and if the soil pH is less than 5.5 as the swamp area should be held prior liming.

Aquaculture, Rambutan way bury

2. Climate
Climate is the average temperature of a place at a certain time period.
The climate is influenced by:
a. Air temperature,
b. Precipitation,
c. Rays of the sun, and
d. wind direction
The most influencing climatic conditions is rainfall. Rainfall is needed rambutan is 1500-2500 mm per year.
At the time of flowering, rambutan requires dry season for 3 months in order to be a good fruit. If the dry season lasts for more than 3 months, then the interest will be killed or were not perfect (the flat).

3. Parking height
The height of 30-500 meters above sea level is a condition that can be worn planted to bring better results.

B factor in
     Factors in factor is derived from the body of rambutan crop itself, which includes factors in is as follows:

1. Types grown rambutan
There are various types of rambutan, each with its own special character. From all kinds of properties that we were able to pre there ways there ways that benefit. The properties also revealed we have to see, if you want to generate better results.

2. Seeds selected
As we know, nature is nature-derived derivative parent to his children. If we had chosen to master the essential nature or quality, we can also make a point of the character is revealed to his children in a way that is not perkembangbiakkan ring, for example grafting. With the graft, we have some advantages, namely:
a. Acquired properties similar to the parent;
b. Fast fruiting;
c. Quickly produce offspring.
But when we get offspring with the result of marriage, not necessarily acquire properties similar to the parent, because marriage is a mix between a male parent and a female parent.

     the process of planting

Cultivation of rambutan tree in the grounds of the house more easily than on farms, as more attention and not mememrlukan Tehnik various treatments, but of course with a mild treatment, the results were not able to give maximum results.  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya
Rambutan crop cultivated in the garden and then treated optimally be obtained maximum results.

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