Friday, July 4, 2014

In essence, because in the end if we had

In essence, because in the end if we had to choose one candidate with particular consideration - these people should not give them blank checks - which can be filled with just about anything as they wish after they are actually elected.


Remember from time to time democracy in this country always require the support of the greatest people, anyone who leads this country - certainly sounds Muslims need to get kesananya. But look what they did to these people after the lead? there was virtually no policy that accommodates the interests of the people.

Even when usury is required in this country, which requires government-matter is first selected by the Muslims of this country alone. Not entirely only one government does, because that makes the laws-were also legislators largely diipilih by the Muslims of this country.

In the case of a very big sin to the point that the perpetrators of war declared by Allah and his messenger (Sura 2:279) and the perpetrator is punishable by hell - abide therein (Qur'an 2:275) The usury that is, the Muslims of this country seems to have not been considered as serious business. When the MUI issued a fatwa that any-conventional bank interest, as well as conventional insurance products (in the definition include BPJS and JKN is now required!) Is usury - this fatwa almost no one listen.

So actually it was time to be able to prosecute these people to the candidates they support, that when they one day lead - they must have a program to eliminate usury of the country - even if it must be done gradually. How might realistically stages can actually be done?


The first stage, the next government - elected by the people are the majority - should repeal 'Riba That Required by BPJS and JKN'. Social security and good health, but do not involve riba - especially when the service is used to serve the Muslim community.

When the new government and also the executor later BPJS and JKN have not understood where his usury program or do not know how to eliminate the elements of usury in the program, we Riba-Free Communities (KOBAR) - inshaAllah will always be able to help with volunteer work day and night without being paid and without having given any position!

This is all we do - for the sake of the people who shiver with fear - when usury verses were read and discussed by our ustadzs. For those who w
SUNDULBET AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAant to explore the detailed discussion about the Riba verses, please include listening to lectures expert Dr. Al-Quran. Mustafa Umar in this link, in particular the discussion in paragraphs 275-279 of surat Al-Baqarah.


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